#InternFever: Michael Carabello

Today for our #InternFever spotlight FIU DC visited Michael Carabello at his internship in The Council of State Governments.  Michael is double majoring in Political Science and Economics and hopes to move on to work for the government after graduation.  After getting a tour of his office, Michael tells us about his internship:

“On a day to day basis a lot of my work has to do with research; What kind of research I’m doing will depend on current political events.  For example, right now there is a possible challenge on internet sales tax at the supreme court that could be coming, so I’m making a memo on internet sales tax.  When I’m not doing research I also write a blog for The Council of States Governments”

You can check out Michael’s blog here 🙂

“While working here I have to really exercise my critical reading and writing skills.  This comes into play a lot as I’m usually reading bills and writing about them.  I’ve also learned a lot about how to understand the legal jargon on these bills. Another important skill I’ve picked up is professional writing in AP style.

“A really awesome experience I had while interning here was helping write a congressional testimony.  We worked on it and then went to the committee and saw the testimony being given.  It was cool!”

“Even though I love working here, this is technically a nonprofit that works with the government. It’s kind of intertwined, so it’s a natural segue to one day being able to work for the government”

Michael Carabello is a part of The Washington Center internship program as well. As a part of the program TWC provides class credit for the internship and a once a week class in an area of professional interest. FIU has more than 10 students housed at TWC program.


FIU, worlds ahead. Bringing a little #305 to the #202.



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